HUGE blessings

The other day Brian asked me "hey - what happened to your blog?"  Good question.  The short answer is "I've been dealing with my blessings."  The following is the long answer ...

When we began the process of moving last year I started a sort of 'request list' of the things I was asking God for.  At first, it was the things I wanted - and mostly the reasons we were moving.  A room for each of the kids, a house where we could have friends and neighbors, a family-centered neighborhood, something that we could move right into, something close to a major road for Brian's commute.  Then, I decided to really send in the requests.  All those things I wanted in my heart but dare not ask.  I felt like God said "Go ahead - try me."  So with a little trembling, I did.  I asked for an automatic fireplace, for a bar for my kids to have breakfast at, for a front porch, for a master bathroom, and maybe, if it's not too much, for a nice mud room (MN code for a place to take off all your snow gear when you walk in the house)?  As we were prepping our house to move - mostly painting and staging, I prayed that someone would be doing the same in the house we'd be going to.  

Sheesh.  Be careful what you pray for!  God granted my prayers in such a huge way.  We were prepared to purchase a house that was within my 'wish list' and be very happy.  God squashed that and provided us the one we have now.  He answered EVERY prayer request - and then some.  You honestly wouldn't believe the size of my mud room - it's part of an addition the previous owners did.  And the front porch is a dream come true.  Even Brian's commute was taken care of - we live within 2 lights of 35E, no light to 77 - AND our backyard neighbor has asked to carpool!  Every detail about our wonderful house is a blessing - and it's so obviously a gift that we're often just giddy - like kids in a candy store. 
So what does this have to do with my blog getting the shaft?  Well, it seems the previous owners liked to be outside because this yard is FILLED with stuff.  The backyard we actually don't have to mow because it's all landscaped - including - get this - a putting green.  Yes, a putting green.   It has me wondering - does God know we don't golf?  :)

Since it's been SO nice out the kids and I are loving being outside and weeding, weeding, weeding.  We've worked for days and days and are still only 1/3 of the way there.  We're putting weed-stop down, planting some annuals, pulling out leaves, putting out woodchips, and did I mention the weeding?  

So here are some photos of our wonderful gifts and some of the work we have done and some yet to do.  
This is one we've weeded ... and since this photo we've put down 3 layers of newspaper and weed-stop.  We just have woodchips left!  (Which our city gives out for free, btw!)
Here's one of the backyard gardens.  You can see we haven't weeded it yet.  Brian's gotten almost all of the nasty leaves out, though!

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Nicci said...

Very cool, Rachel! Looks beautiful, and is a wonderful testament of God's awesome provision!