Say Uncle

Stephen and I were sharing our special Monday together today.  The girls go to preschool in the morning so we do errands and something fun.  

While at Target, Stephen was particularly interested in the bagging process while we were checking out.  

Stephen:  Mom - I think I've changed my mind.  I want to be a bagger when I grow up.
Me:  Oh.  That's a pretty complicated job.  
Stephen (surprised):  Really?  How?
Me:  Well, you have to figure out which groceries go on the bottom, which ones might get squished - so you put those on the top... you have to be careful about where the meats go in case they leak ...
Stephen (with new respect):  Wow.
Me:  You know, your uncle David used to be a bagger.
Stephen:  NO WAY.  
Me:  Yup.  At the HEB in Texas.  
Stephen:  Wow.

Then, while at lunch at his favorite stop (Arbys, people.  Arbys.) something brought Christopher to mind.

Stephen:  You know, I can find a cul-de-sac in our neighborhood.  
Me:  Really?  (I am pretty sure there aren't any on the streets we take)
Stephen:  Yup.  Christopher knows.  He found it when he got lost one day.

When driving home from Arbys, he was looking at the new toy he got.  It's a book on the pyramids in Egypt.

Stephen:  Hey mom, they've got egypt writing on this!
Me:  Cool!  Your uncle Scott likes to read languages like that.  
Stephen:  Like the egypt letters?  What do they call that?
Me:  I'm not sure.  
Stephen:  Maybe Scott knows.
Me:  Yeah.  He likes to play detective with the languages that no one talks anymore.  That way he can figure out what other people noticed about God's people.  Like maybe the Egyptians wrote something about Moses that would give us clues about how Moses was used by God.
Stephen:  Wow.

A few minutes later after a bit of silence...

Stephen:  Mom, my uncles are pretty great.  

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