Try it maybe {Monday}


Hate it or love it, you still have to do it.

How about this idea?

Rather than giving your kids a laundry basket that catches most of the dirty (and sometimes the clean clothes they don't want to put away - can I get an amen?) and hauling it down once a week ...

And then sorting it ....

{Maybe give each kid two baskets.}

One for lights and one for darks.  On a day you feel like getting a little laundry done have the kids each bring their whites down, or just their darks.  It takes a while for them to get it all correct during their pre-sort but it's worth it and teaches a skill along the way.

Here's some info on laundry in case you're looking for any basic tips.  I always forget about the empty pockets part.

pssssttt .... as an FYI - 
Nintendo DS games can survive a wash and dry. 
 Tootsie rolls and a deck of cards cannot.  

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