There's a song for that

It may be slightly cruel, but Brian and I love to turn on music when the kids are all crabby and rising up against us.  In particular we turn on theme tunes that match the occasion.

For instance...

Just back from vacation and the kids have declared a pre-emptive chore strike?  

Kids tired and turning on the angst full blast?

Did they run off in a huff and slam the door?

The fairness monster circling?

Sibling rivalry making you and the spouse wanna pull your hair out?

Are they taking themselves WAY too seriously?  For some reason this one seems to fit ...

The kids haven't figured out that we deliberately turn the songs on to match the mood.  Once they do I think we're in for  it.  I anticipate they may even double down and make their own playlists!

What soundtrack do you have for the cranky's?

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