Easter Poses and Runny Noses

Easter Sunday!  Our girls are wearing dresses that my grandmother smocked for me and my sister.  I'm amazed that they are on their second generation of wearers.  Also amazed that Abbie waited until 2 minutes after these pictures to pee her pants... er tights.  Hope the dresses make it through the Smith girls!

Easter was great this morning.  It's a sort of spiritual new year for me.  What have I done with my redeemed life?  What will I do this year?  My pastor pointed out this morning that we were condemned when Jesus saved us, that he didn't walk in and point to me and say, "Hey, Rachel, follow me or else I'll condemn you."   That I was sitting in my own condemnation, that He walked in and said - "Want out?"  I said yes a long time ago - but just like anything am constantly re-evaluating how it's going. 

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