Clara Beara Boo

To my sweet girl who turned 4 last weekend ...

We love you!  We love your beautiful smile, your beautiful heart, and your beautiful mind.  Not only are you outwardly such a pretty girl, it's amazing to us how you put effort on having a
n attractive spirit.  "Mom, I shared, that makes me beautiful, right?"  "Mom!  I know a kind word I could say!"

We love your thoughtful nature.  Your literal acceptance of everything.  "Mom, it must be Sunday.  The sun is out."  "Mom, that wasn't a bad dream.  It was an awful dream."
And we love having you in our family.  You get along with your brother and your sister so well.  Your gentle and non-competitive spirit have kept peace in our house, and kept your dad and I proud.

As you grow in so many ways, our prayer for you is that Jesus continues to "opens the eyes of your heart so that you can know the hope He has called you to" (Ephesians 1:18).  And we want you to know that "we thank God every time we remember you." (Ephesians 1:16).