Deer Ticks

Poor Clara has the worst luck.  

Last year in July she started having very weird symptoms.  It started with a rash, led to a constant low-grade temp, irritability, lethargy, and eventually joint pain.  It took about 6 weeks, but she was finally diagnosed via blood tests with Lyme Disease.  

It all seemed like a bad dream - a blip in her medical history, when we found another deer tick on her this morning.  Brian and I tried to get it out of her and only succeeded in beheading the bug.  We ended up at the pediatricians office where they extracted the head and gave us a prescription for antibiotics.

The doctor said "where do you live that she keeps getting these ticks?"  The crazy thing is that we've moved between episodes!  It ticks can have an attraction to anyone, it must be this girl.  This summer we'll have to be on the lookout.   

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