Abbie is our little artist.  If you want to make her happy, give her a legal notebook (not sure why they are her favorites), a pen or pencil, and give her lots of praise.  

We've noticed that she's starting to work on things a little more abstractly.  Once she drew a picture of a red square on top of a blue rectangle.  I asked her what it was - she said "red and blue" and looked at me as if I might be less than intelligent.  

Here is her most recent drawing:
I asked her about what she drew, and she said "I drew sharing."  No people, no objects.  I looked at her a little confused - and once again, she pointed out that there were different colors.  

Hmmm.  I wonder if our nanny while we were in Tokyo, Melissa (a fantastic abstract artist), had anything to do with this.  :)  

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Mel Titus Tsai said...

YAY for abstract art! She is thinking WAY outside of the box, good for her! Tell her that I love her work! Miss you guys!