Last Day of School

So - after a LONG absence from the blogging world - I hope to be back. I've had several entries running through my brain and just lacked the time to put them down. Ready or not, here I come!

Most recent first:
Yesterday was the last day of school for my kindergardener. Seriously. 

We've become good friends with our neighbors who have two girls just Stephen and Clara's ages.  Kristin and I talked and decided to have a "happy summer break" party with the kids. The idea was inspired by my creative cousin Mary. The kids had a blast. Check out the results!

The work paid off. After Stephen got off the bus and was walking home, I noticed that his head was hanging a little low. I put my arm around him and he started crying. "Mom, I just loved kindergarden. I'm so sad." 

We kept walking and made it to the back yard where the 'party' was waiting. He lit up with a big smile. That night when I asked what his favorite part of the day was (thinking his favorite part of the school day), he said "Oh, definitely the party, mom!" Score one for mom.

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