I finished two major projects:

1. The blankets for the soldiers. Whew. So glad to be done, so glad to be a part of it. I felt so humbled as I prayed while sewing for those who sacrifice so much.

Abbie kept asking if I was done with the blankets for the knights. So sweet. I kept telling her that they were soldiers, not knights. She finally announced "Well, they are knights to me, mom." Amen, sweetie. Amen.

2. The Thanksgiving countdown! I did actually finish it in time for us to do it a few times before Thanksgiving. It will certainly have more use in the future.

Between these two projects, I am now an official applique master. Seriously.

Now for the rest of my projects ... :)

Flu Care Package

With so many people out with the flu I came up with a fun little care package to drop with friends who have little ones!

The basket that this went to had three kids so I went into the dollar bin at Target and made each of the kids "peace pails" with a few novelty toys.

There were a few "Smith-flix" for the family to borrow and shake things up a bit. 3 for the kids, 2 for mom.

Another fun idea is to sew button holes into wash cloths and pair it with some of those hooks that won't damage the wall. It's great for kids to use as hand towels after they wash their hands - keeps the germs at bay (or at least a little more isolated!).

The water bottles and soap were part of a fun game for the kids.
1. Drink water.
2. Cut bottles off at bottom half
3. Cut washcloth in thirds, and attach to the bottles with rubber bands.
4. In tupperware bowl, put a few tablespoons of dish soap with water. Dip bottles into soap and then let the kids blow bubbles through the mouth of the bottle.

I put everything together in a big laundry plastic bin, with tags on each small gift bag.

Add a prayer, a hug, and a note of encouragement and it's set to go!