Smith or Booth

It's kind of fun to see the different way my kids think.  Even more fun to watch them act like Brian or me.  Here's one example:

On a car ride with Stephen and Clara, we were talking about a new toy Stephen got in a gift bag.  It's on of those little sea creatures toys that you submerge in water and watch it grow over a period of days.  Stephen was realizing how the toy grew.

"Oh, I get it mom.  The octopus is ABSORBING the water.  And when it ABSORBS the water, it gets bigger.  That's why it grows, and that's why you had to add water.  AND, that's probably why it's squishy now.  Wow.  It's ABSORBING it.  Right, mom?"

If you don't know, that's a Smith answer.  Fully developed from beginning to end, detailed, and explained accurately from every possible direction.  

Clara piped up with the Booth answer:

"Yup.  Just like sand."

She stuck it out there, let it stand on its own, and walked away.  :)

Jury's still out on Abbie.

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BusyMomOf4 said...

Yeah!!! Im so glad you started blogging too :) I love keeping up on everyone. The kiddos are getting so big! I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!