Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was a blur of fun activities.  We had a neighborhood party — where we got to meet many in the neighborhood.  An open house for my cousin — am I really that old?  And friends over for a chilly grill out.  

Unfortunately our camera broke this week so we don't have any fun photos of the events — so you'll have to use your imagination.  One of the really fun things that spring is bringing with its occasionally warm temps is the blooming of our many gardens.  It's a new surprise every day!  My very favorite so far are the red/pink blooms on our rhododendron by the front porch.  

I've been praying for HOT weather.  This spring seems especially cool.  Seems that God's answer is to send Stephen and I to Texas!  We found some crazy cheap tickets yesterday and will be able to get down for David's HS graduation on Friday.  I'm looking forward to the weather, the family, and especially some one-on-one time with my buddy Stephen.  

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