Christmas Sewing Projects

I found this awesome pattern on CraftApple.  It was SO fun.  These kids "artists case" are sure to be a hit with my three.  And the reason I know is that I made them for our neighbor friends and Stephen said "wow, mom, Kate and Sarah are SO lucky."  :)  Can't wait till they open them tomorrow.

It's a little hard to see, but I monogramed Clara's initial the lower right corner.

Abbie's has her initial in the top, middle.
And Stephen, my baseball fan, was a little tricky.  I wanted his to look like a guys so I made a patch with a TC (for the MN twins) and put it in the middle.  That was a TON of work, but really fun to learn how to do.  I also used suede shoelaces for the closure rather than the grossgrain ribbon I used on the girls.  


Anonymous said...

Your drawing cases look GREAT! I really like the leather lace for your son's. I have all boys so it's neat to see some nice boy stuff out there. :o)

God bless,

Anonymous said...

I love these. I wish we lived closer, I got my first sewing machine around Thanksgiving....and it's still in the box it came in.............. it looks so overwhelming!

How did you get the initials on the girls cases?

Rachel Smith said...

Mary - I wish we lived closer, too!

The initials I did with quite a bit of practice. I printed their initials on the computer in a huge font. Then I cut it out, and traced it backwards on some fabric lined with adhesive paper. Ironed on the letter so it stays in place, then sewed in a tight zig-zag around the letter. It was a little tricky, but definitely worth the results! I learned how to do it on the craftapple site, and with some of the instructions that came in the pattern.

Actually, the craftapple sight has some great free patterns if you want to get your feet wet. I modified her free "lindie bag" pattern to make the kids trick-or-treat bags. She gives great directions. :)

Happy New Year!