Ask, Knock, Seek

Speak from Rachel Smith on Vimeo.
At the mom's conference I went to last fall Cheri Keaggy was the worship leader. Now, I'm not really a fan of hers and I'm a little picky with my worship music, but ... Can I just say that the woman knocked my socks off! She was SO sweet and SO authentic.

One song she sang was called "Speak (the listening song)."
Women at my church have been meeting to pray every other Tuesday evening - after the Precepts class I teach. It has been the most amazing time.

There are no prayer requests. No sharing time. We just sit and pray together.

And I've come to realize what's happening.

When a group of women who love Him gather and together begin to knock at His door, when they persistently ask, seek... -

He opens the door! He SPEAKS! He is SO faithful to us!

You can feel His pleasure that His children are in agreement seeking to be with Him. It's unlike any other experience I have ever had.

Our little group of women will be increasing our meeting times to every week. We're hoping that our numbers will increase as well - because this opportunity HAS to be shared.

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