Ode to Pajamas

Clara got a small hole in her favorite princess pajamas.  She was devastated.  So sad.  Fortunately, she got some princess Ariel pj's for her birthday from Noni.  Noni to the rescue!

I have to say that I completely understand her sadness.  My 'jammers' aren't as cute as Clara's, though.  In fact, every summer as I look forward to bringing out my comfy pj's, and my dear husband threatens to hide them permanently.  Why is it that the most comfortable clothes are the ones that are the least flattering?  I agree with him that these are pretty gross, but I can't go without them.  They go hand in hand with my exhale at the end of the day.

Anyway ...  comfortable clothes will always be close to me.  Unless Brian has his way .  Or they make the cute stuff out of cotton.  

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