Olympic Confussion

Abbie watching olympic  basketball:

"Umm, mom.  Those guys are NOT sharing."

In the car, explaining to Stephen where India is:

"Oh yeah, I know those guys.  They're in Cleveland.  The Cleveland Indians."
Then later, after more explaining ...
Stephen:  "So... is it where dad was last weekend?"
Me:  "No honey, that's Indiana."

The other day we were convicted that we aren't telling the girls how smart they are.  A conversation with Clara ...

Me:  "Clara, you are so - "
Clara:  " - cute."
Me:  "Well yes, but I was going to say smart.  I think you're really a smart girl."
Clara:  "Oh.  Well.  I know that I'm smart."
Me:  "How's that?"
Clara:  "Well, when Abbie is mad at me, I can figure out why."

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Sushant Sona said...

Hey .. its a real fun... reading your posts dear. i have really enjoyed it... thanks. God bless...

well my name is Sushant from india and enjoyed reading about india, like how you explained to Stephen about India. t c