First Day of Kindergarten!

I am so not ready for this.  Maybe I'm just not ready for the line up of kids heading off to school.  A friend recently told me that the days are long but the years are short.  It's a sad thing to know in my heart.

Me (to Stephen):  Wow.  I don't know, Stephen.  All this is happening so fast.  Are you really ready for kindergarten?
Stephen:  Maaahhoommm.  You know I'm ready.
Brian:  Sure he's ready.  Stephen do you know how to sit in the right spot at school?
Stephen:  Oh yeah, and I can even find my name at a table.  I can also find my locker.
Brian:  Good!  What would you do if you need to go to the bathroom?
Stephen:  Oh, that's easy.  I'll just raise my hand, and say 'can I go to the bathroom, please?'
Brian:  Great!  See mom, I think he's ready for Kindergarten.
Me:  OK.  I guess HE's ready - but there's no way I'm ready.  Who will be my buddy in the afternoon?  I'm going to miss you so much, Stephen, when you're gone.
Stephen:  Oh, mom.  It's just 3 hours.  I'll be home every night - and I'll even stay home all day for two days.  
He stopped to think a minute.  Somehow he wanted to ensure that I would be alright.
Stephen (looking at his sisters):  Girls, you'll just have to be as much fun as I am when I'm gone.  
Clara was doubtful, Abbie began to internally scheme, and I'm realizing that my baby isn't a baby.  Gosh, I love that boy.


Jamie said...

I noticed the police car in the background of the picture of Stephen. Did you request an escort?
:-) It's a hard day when your little ones leave. They're so ready, but they're still so little.

Anonymous said...

They grow up so fast, dont they?
Stephen looks so handsome & grown up !!!